Mayté Sanchez

Manager of Healthy Nails

Mayté Sanchez is the 28-year-old manager of Health Nails, an Austin clinical pedicure salon, and a volunteer at several area animal shelters. She specializes in working with patients with health conditions and restore their feet and nails. Because of this and her love for rescue animals, Mayté is in close contact with many people.

Hi, my name is Mayté and I'm 28 years old. And the reason why I didn't want it to take the COVID-19 vaccine before it was because I was scared. And the main reason was because a lot of my friends, um, have told me that the side effects of the vaccine were like really bad. And all the chemicals on the vaccine was like pretty heavy.

[00:00:26] And. I don't know, I just got scared. And then after. Seeing all these posts online, like on Facebook and on Tik TOK and YouTube videos where they telling you that they have like a really heavy chemicals. And the, a lot of people die after getting the vaccine that makes me even more uncomfortable about taking it.

[00:00:48] So I was scared at the beginning, but then when I like a couple months ago, some of my friend gets sick. And I kind of like start seeing the effect of COVID on someone that he was like a little bit more close to me. So somehow we helped me to understand that even though the vaccine has some side effects, Um, catching Colby has also like really bad side effects and all these symptoms and is really, really bad in the household.

[00:01:23] Like can, um, ended up killing you. So that kind of helped me to be a little bit more open to receive the information. So my husband, um, sent me some information and kind of explain to me how the vaccine works and how is it made and, and how the side effects were just like temporary and stuff and how like there's some stuff.

[00:01:47] They can like, but depending on each person, is there a way that your body reacts and everything? So it kind of helped me a little bit, even though I have more information and kind of like go through the, through the, um, the real information on the internet and the official pages, it kind of helped me. Um, and then about a month ago I took my first shot and I don't let a lie like.

[00:02:16] When I was in the line, I was just like praying because I wasn't still a little scare because, you know, you heard a lot of things and it still was nervous about it. And then after I took it and see the, I kind of like made me realize that it wasn't as bad. I kind of let relax a little bit more. Um, but, um, I feel like having more information that he was more like, um, I will say like official information, like from official pages and like, um, from the government and stuff, it kind of helped me a little bit more.

[00:02:55] Um, and I think that was the main reason that makes me realize that even though, um, the COVID vaccine has some side effects. Catching COVID ha it's like even like worst. So, you know, no, my friends even told me, like, the doctor told him, like, I mean, if I have the option, I will take the vaccine because her brother dying from the vaccine, the dying from COVID-19 and I was like, Well, I mean, that's true, you know, because at the end of the day, like if you touch Gavi, you're going to end up having this effects that the vaccine give you in a short time.

[00:03:39] Um, but with COVID you're going to cut it and you probably don't want to have a chance to fight it, you know? So I think that was kind of like the reason why it makes me change my mind and be open to the, you know, to give it a chance and see. If it will help me to just keep, um, keep it going and, and just keep myself, um, safe.