Anupi - DJ Entertainer

Artist and Entertainer

Anupi Chandiramani is a 25-year-old artist and entertainer in Austin, TX. As a professional DJ and Choreographer, her profession has put her in close contact with a lot of people throughout the pandemic.

Hi, my name is Anupi Chandiramani. I am 25 years old.

Um, originally I was not planning on taking the COVID vaccine, just, um, out of pure, you know, not really having much knowledge about it and waiting for more research. Um, but I eventually ended up changing my mind and getting the vaccine, um, just, you know, after having some family members that, uh, got COVID and it got pretty serious, um, I know that it was the safe thing to do.

[00:00:35] Um, so I changed my mind on that.