• Anupi - DJ Entertainer Anupi Chandiramani

    Artist and Entertainer Anupi Chandiramani is a 25-year-old artist and entertainer in Austin, TX. As a professional DJ and Choreographer, her profession has put her in close contact with a lot of people throughout the pandemic. Hi, my name is Anupi Chandiramani. I am 25 years old. Um, originally I was not planning on taking [...] Continue Reading
  • Mayté Sanchez Mayté Sanchez

    Manager of Healthy Nails Mayté Sanchez is the 28-year-old manager of Health Nails, an Austin clinical pedicure salon, and a volunteer at several area animal shelters. She specializes in working with patients with health conditions and restore their feet and nails. Because of this and her love for rescue animals, Mayté is in close contact [...] Continue Reading
  • John Arthur 2021 Teacher of the Year John Arthur

    2021 Utah Teacher of the Year My name is John Arthur on the 2021 Utah Teacher of the Year. I'm also a finalist for National Teacher of the Year. I'm here in my classroom, and anytime we have an emergency drill I can't help but look around at my students and wonder, if this were [...] Continue Reading