Resiliency is the only

The only answer to restoring our way of life is by standing with resiliency. Join the resiliency campaign to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus and to prevent its transmission.

Real Stories from
Real People

No celebrities, influencers, or actors. Read and watch real stories by real people. Learn from similar concerns, struggles, and hesitancy to vaccinate, mask up, or socially distant. Hear their reasons why they ultimately chose to be resilient.

What's really
going on?

Information has been inconsistent in both facts, narratives, and opinions from public officials and doctors. To help clear the air of common misconceptions, we've compiled the latest information from only the most trusted official medical, public health, and government officials.

The Latest Stats

Where do we actually stand in our fight against Covid-19? Discover how the battle of resiliency is going in your area.

With so many sources of information, inconsistent messages, and spun narratives, it's hard to find objective truth on everything surrounding Covid-19. What is being told out there isn't what will help push us all through these troubling times. And the best comeback is to live well. We must be resilient during these times.

The purpose of the Resiliency Campaign is to spread awareness on Covid-19, dispel myths and rumors surrounding the coronavirus, and to promote public health initiatives like masking, social distancing, and vaccination. Tell others and make a stand with us.

Where can I
get vaccinated?

Find the nearest official vaccination venue with VaccineFinder. Only CDC recommended and government authorized venues.

No personal information is necessary.